lenonThe Sir Top ‘Em Hat Story

It all started with a logo idea from our graphic designer. We loved the design, but we didn’t have a definite name yet.

We knew we wanted to have an unforgettable brand that captures the essence of our neighborhood and the black hat for which our owner had become known.

We had about six different ideas to start. Since the company’s president, Lenon, was well known for wearing hats, we just ran with the “friend in the black hat” concept until we could come up with the perfect name for our company.

And a Child Shall Lead Them

One day Lenon was doing a roof repair for a home in the Castle Hills neighborhood in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. There are lots of “Sir” streets in the neighborhood – Sir Castor, Sir Tristan, Sir Lancelot, etc. And while doing the repair, Lenon was giving his wife directions to the house on Sir Tristan where he was doing the roof repair.

Their young 2-year-old son (who loves Thomas the Tank Engine) overheard the conversation and said emphatically, “No, Daddy! It’s Sir Top ‘Em Hat! It’s Sir Top ‘Em Hat,” referring to one of his favorite fictional characters.

In that “strictly business” moment, Lenon told his son, “Be quiet boy. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Be quiet. I’m talking to your mama.”

But the young fella was on to something.

And the thought of “Sir Top ‘Em Hat” resonated in Lenon later that night as the perfect name for his new company.

Then Lenon Had a Flashback

As Lenon pondered “Sir Top ‘Em Hat,” he thought back to his childhood days when, as an 8-year-old boy, he would top shingles on the roof of his family’s barn.

Since his new company would primarily provide roofing services to his neighbors is Castle Hills and surrounding areas in DFW, the name “Sir Top ‘Em Hat” seemed like the perfect fit. Thus, Sir Top ‘Em Hat Roofing & Construction was born!

Why Is This Story Important?

First, it explains our quirky yet memorable name!

Second, we want you to know that the same care, attention, and thought that went into choosing our company’s name carries over into how we relate with our customers and the jobs we’re trusted to complete.

We really do care for what’s most important under your home’s hat: YOU!

Experience the Sir Top ‘Em Hat Difference

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